Tuesday 3 July 2007

Microsoft Visit

For the very first time I went to the visit the Microsoft campus in the UK. They employ about only 1,600 people in the UK. You couldn't tell it by their facilities. I can only say "WOW!"

If you forget that parking was a bit of a 'mare, I was very impressed. They have clearly invested in the work environment both for the benefit of their employees and their customers. Who says Microsoft doesn't care about the end user? Happy employees make happy customers I reckon!


Anonymous said...

I am shocked you would visit such a place...Are we promoting consumerism and capitalism now?

They off shore much of their work to Hungary, Romania, India and third world countries...enslaving people with jobs... driving the man made global warming myth.

I only have one thing to say to you for such barbaric acts of selfishness and greed....


Janell said...

LaDawn, you and Joe make me wish i was bilingual.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Adrian is Latino and doesn't know spanish. So you are fine. :-)

LaDawn said...

Joe - You know very little about me or my professional career. What you don't know I guarantee would shock the heck out of you. I reckon I have been a part of this world for longer than I care to admit (and definitely longer than you!) But thanks for the welcome. You do that a lot lately.

The company I work for doesn't have a blogging policy specifically but I take great care in making sure that the specifics of work stays at work. Home goes on the blog. Unless I can make it sufficiently general and vague that it could be any company in the UK.

In defense of Microsoft, I believe in their business model. I think they've changed the world (for the better). Stop complaining. Check out the other things I've said about Microsoft (not always good) on the blog by checking the tags.

Janell - You are multilingual. I speak horse!

Anonymous said...

LA, I don't know you. My knowledge of you comes from opinions rendered here and casa herrera.

So forgive me if my judgement is based on what you say. If I understand correctly..
---you don't believe individualism exists anymore, but claim to be "odd" or very unique
---You think the world would be a better place if the US would just change its ways
---Consumerism is bad, and the US is mostly at fault
---Global Warmimg is caused by man, when the planet is constantly heating or cooling (I suppose global cooling will be out fault too)
---If everyone were nicer to each other, the world would have less problems..despite the fact that some people would do you harm regardless of how nice you are...
---When I make fact based arguments, you argue back emotionally.
We agree on the following but the differences are in ().
1. I am for the environment, clean air and water and I recycle! (but don't make me pay a tax)
2. Every child in the world should have emergency healthcare, (but at some point we are helping others to our detriment)
3. I am for equality(but don't support affirmative action)
4. Rich = Bad (I disagree, its relative. My family considers me very wealthy) but the founding fathers of the US were all very rich men who sacrificed everything
5. Don't harm children (I oppose abortion, especially partial birth)
6. I want peace on earth and good will to man (need a very strong army military to keep the peace..."I believe in peace one carefully placed round at a time")
7. 9/11 was a tragedy (not sure your stance here) and it definitely was not an inside job nor the US's fault.
That's all I know..so forgive me

Anonymous said...

To add to it.

I am pro-immigration, as long as its legal (coming from a bi-lingual hispanic whose parents immigrated).

I am not hating here by the way, we disagree on many many things. But if you were ever a guest in my house I guarantee we'd have a blast and would never know we disagree on so many issues.