Tuesday 24 July 2007


My book review for Time.com has just been published.

I had a momentary crisis of confidence after I had completed writing the review and thought it sounded a bit too mumsy. So I procrastinated submitting it. Then I asked a friend of mine to edit it. But she went on holiday and forgot about it.

I finally worked up the confidence (after a few drinks) and just hit the send button. I figured I am mumsy. And this is a mumsy book.

With disappointment, I discovered the very next day that Lisa and her Work in Progress blog had just published someone else's review and I knew I would have to wait for mine to appear. I mean, Lisa would appear impossibly lazy to outsource her blogging to her readers 2 days in a row. And Lisa isn't lazy.

Alas, the day has finally arrived. And my blog has nothing witty or funny to show for it. Just the impending flooding of my home. This is a national disaster and a very real threat to my home but not exactly mesmerising reading for the blogosphere.

I need to get busy and write something worth reading!


Janell said...

Good review!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Well done, I am really impressed and very proud. Mom

ScreamFree said...

La Dawn:
I'm the business partner of the Author of ScreamFree Parenting, the book you reviewed for Lisa at time.com. I wanted to thank you for your time and your insightful review! If you could send me your snail mail address, I'd like to send you a hardback-version of the book which is to be released on 04-September. (we have some advanced copies now though) While it may not be quite as valuable as Lisa's signature, I will have the author sign the book for you! Thank you so much.

Dave Markert
+1 (770) 239-1733

PS. I hope you enjoy your holiday... stay ScreamFree :)