Friday 27 July 2007

Revised Curriculum

Grrrrr! I am soooo annoyed about this whole idea that I send my children to school so that they can learn how to balance a checkbook, take out a mortgage, and cook a meal.

Thank you very much but I will teach my children those life lessons.

No, I am sending my children to school to learn about the history and geography of the world, about mathematics and the wonders of literature. I need them to learn to read and spell and write proper English. It would be good if they could come out doing that in more than just the one language but I'll settle for just the one. I want them to learn about the wonders of science and how to properly conduct scientific experiments. There is so much to learn. Stick with the basics. I'll do the rest!


Janell said...

Agree 100%! I had more to say, but I'm out of time!
Have a great weekend.

stephanie said...

Unfortunately, most parents don't do these things and young adults find themselves without life skills. Most of your "basics" is just a bunch of whooie for the ones who don't excel at school and are intended for a trade. So I think a little of life skills is necessary in school. The sad thing is that alot of parents can't teach their children about owning a home since they will never be on the property ladder themselves.

LaDawn said...

Money management is closely linked to values that should come from your family. I certainly don't want someone else's money values to be taught to my children. I want to pass my values to my children not the school's.

Even children who choose to do a trade rather than do college/university have a right and requirement to learn the basics of education. It will be the only opportunity they have.

Just because some parents don't fulfill their parental obligations is not a reason to restrict other educational responsibilities.

As far as owning your own home as being a requisite for getting on the property ladder: No one taught me. Didn't stop me. But that's because I learned a whole bunch of things that I could apply in a number of situations including mathematics so I could assess interest rates and early payment penalties, problem solving, reason, logic etc.