Wednesday 11 July 2007

A Cold in July

I'm ill. It started with a irritating sore throat and in less than 24 hours has spread to full assault on my nasal passages. I can't breath. I can't taste. I can't smell. I can't see. My eyes hurt. My head is foggy and pounding. My entire body feels like its been hit by a truck. I tried to go to work this morning but left midday unsure if I could drive the 6 miles home. I went straight to bed and have only just gotten up for a cup of Lemsip (hot drink with paracetamol and decongestant).

Marc has does the childcare and dinner routine. He's now bathing the children and preparing them for bed with a bath. I've got to administer my goodnight kisses.

And then back to bed for me. I've got a huge presentation at work tomorrow! Ugh!


Anonymous said...

Serious Note:
-----Sorry to hear about the cold. I sincerely Hope you feel better

Liter Note:
-----Your cold was probably caused by global warming somehow and in order to cure it you need to enslave a third world child somewhere by purchasing cough medicine and contribute to the big evil pockets of pharmaceutical companies further sinking into the consumerism and individualism abyss. This will of course be off set by Marc finally hitting the break through on bio deisels fuel he's been working on. But fear not, by law you have five weeks vacation and this should be no skin off your back and the sick day doesn't even come off those five weeks. I'd be pretty conflicted if I were you, especially if you have to see a doctor. Unfortuntatly Dr's in the UK these days, imported by liberal immigration policies and basic white guilt, want to blow people up rather than heal them. So if your Dr. says something to the effect of, "detonate two car bombs and call me in the morning", I'd wouldn't pay him. Actually, since medicine is socialized in the UK, the Jihadi advice would be free... don't know if I'd follow it. Just don't convert to the religion of piece. If this cold continues to linger, as the un-just and illegal war in Iraq lingers, don't worry about that either... Global warming, which caused your cold in the first place, will obliterate the planet by 2012 anyway according to Al Gore.

Hopefully this made you laugh rather than mad at me.

Anonymous said...

JOE JOE.... U are something else.. pretty funny.... I hope you feel better

Daddy H

LaDawn said...

Joe - LOL...ROFL....made me feel much better through the fog in my head.

Janell said...

Gotta love Joe - I'm rofl, too.
And I, too, hope LDCP will be feeling better by the time she reads this.

Sue said...

OK, bring me into the text message world. What is rofl?

Sue said...

Never mind, I think I have it. Rolling on the floor laughing?

LaDawn said...

Sue - You are so with it!

Presentation is finished. Went best as can be expected considering I feel like I have a pea soup boiling in my head. My ears are so congested I can't hear any criticism!