Saturday 21 July 2007

Clearing Out

Yesterday my blogging went into overdrive. I have a draft list of posts just waiting to be published and I wait until the perfect moment. Sometimes that moment never comes and I eventually delete the post. But other times there are just too many things to say all at once.

I decided to have a bit of a clear out and publish like a maniac. I hope I didn't tire/bore you with way too much information, useless and otherwise.

Do remember: this is a blog of the mundane and extraordinary. Some complain more mundane than extraordinary but that's my life and I'm sticking with it!

Bit of a crazy day yesterday (Saturday):
  1. Bailey had an appointment at the vets to check his stitches. I was going to show you photos but y'all seem to have a bit of a queasy tummy so I won't. He's got a bit of an infection and a slight temperature. The minute we take the halo off of him he licks so he has to keep it on. He's not supposed to run or swim so giving him enough exercise to get rid of all that puppy labrador energy is proving next to impossible. We've had a couple mad moments where he just went hyper and we had some blood. Have made a note to myself to call vet on Monday morning and see if we can't tranquilize the dog.

  2. Seb started his riding lessons at a new stable and had his first lesson on a new pony, Rosemary. He seemed to do well and as always he really enjoyed it!

  3. Seb & I did some shopping for some birthday presents for friends and stopped for lunch. We ran into some friends (Laura -Good to see you!) and had lunch at Costa with the Cook family. Jamie was anxious to show Seb his new Nintendo. It was hard to get him to concentrate on eating and not playing.

  4. Abigail had a birthday party to go to so I took her. I discovered she has a new friend (Agatha) and according to her a boyfriend (Mitchell). She danced the afternoon away with the 2 of them and rarely left Mitchell's side. It made me laugh when he picked Abigail up and was carrying her around. She just wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. I was ever so slightly a bit alarmed but tried not to react. It was actually quite sweet when she fell and he rushed over to her and kissed her knee. She seems to wrap everyone around her little finger! She also won the limbo contesst at the party. Where did this little girl learn to limbo? Man, she was fab! And she didn't cheat. She actually went backwards like you're supposed to.

  5. Seb had a birthday party immediately following Abigail's party so Marc took him to that one. (Happy Birthday Sam & Oliver!)

  6. Gill (former neighbour) dropped by to pick up her post and share the good news that she has been able to buy a new flat since the last one fell through. She is very excited and we are excited for her!

  7. Scottish Mike (Marc's best man) dropped by for dinner. We put the children to bed and ordered curry takeaway. We had some seriously hot food in the hops that it will burn out this cold that is still lingering in my sinuses. He stayed until about 11.

  8. Abigail woke up about midnight crying and we went downstairs to discover she had vomited all over herself and her bed. We gave her a bath and changed the bedding. A few minutes after put her back to bed she came upstairs and crawled into bed with us. she started complaining that her tummy hurt and within seconds she had vomited in our room. Luckily it just hit the hardwood floors and we cleaned it and her up again. this time we got a bucket and kept it and her with us. She had one more episode of vomiting before she finally fell back asleep and we were able to put her back into bed.

  9. I woke up this morning at about 5 am and felt knackered. I read for an hour and fell back asleep. My husband gave me a bit of a lie in. I tumbled out of bed about 10 am and am still working on my first cup of coffee.
Today we've got a whole lot of nothing planned. Marc is finishing the varnishing of our garage doors. We've got a mountain of laundry after last night's vomit escapades.

England is having a record month of rainfall. We've had serious flooding all around us but luckily we have escaped (knock on wood) any damage to our home. The weather forecast is for more rain but right now the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Grey clouds ar looming to the southwest.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. This was boring and I am tired. :-)

Sue said...

Not so boring. #8 was a little nauseating.

Janell said...

That's life in the family lane. Abigail looks like she was having a great time with her new beaux.

LaDawn said...

She insisted I do her hair in a french plait. it took me ages and 4 attempts. It still didn't look perfect. She thought she looked a million bucks though!

Janell said...

Her hair looks cute! When Emily was little, she liked the French braid, too and my clumsy fingers just couldn't get it done very well. We did have a teenage neighbor girl that could weave it perfectly!