Friday 27 July 2007


I'm obsessed with the weather. And so is the rest of the world. Everywhere I look, there are reports of strange weather. Is this a strange coincidence?


JMarie said...

I say it is 200 years of human activity polluting and f-ing up the planet. Joe would say it is normal climate shift that is so long and ancient that humans don't have the science to definitively explain, which is why we don't understand or agree on why it is happening. One view takes responsibiliy, the other takes no responsibility...which certainly doesn't jive with the "personal accountibility" platform he likes to preach. I guess that is a selective personal accountibility that extends only to matters of economics and politics.

LaDawn said...

Leah - You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Side Note:
-----Leah, I seriously love you like a sister, but I sometimes feel like you attack me personally. That really hurts.

Main Note:
You took the words out of my mouth. Show some data or facts for a change, quit telling me how you feel about things. I feel its a giant hoax playing on people's guilt. Everyone wants to feel guilty about something and those who go through life with no guilt are evil, selfish people.
More facts below:

1. Now you global warming fanatics are switching the term
"global warming" with the words "climate change". That way, every strange weather event can be blamed on man...Like snow in Buenos Aires for the first time in 40 years.

2. I believe I told you both that I re-cycle, have a couple of CFL's in my house etc. I am responsible, I have free-will to do so. But this is not man-made. And more and more people are starting to believe your side is NUTS! I have a big SUV, a 10,000 gallon pool that uses lots of electricity, I installed a ceiling fan outside to create a breeze, smoke cigars and fly in air planes atleast once a month but also love liberal latte's from starbucks.

3. My will is not selective, and if it was why impune me for it? What's wrong with being motivated, in part, by economics? If the global warming folks had their way we'd be in mud huts. And trust me Leah, if this country leans far left to solve the "climate change" issue. First on the list, small biz, will pay more taxes. So your biz is not economically motivated... puhlease....

4. Does Casaherrera own a SUV or mini-van?

5. In the UK. Did you know that recently Winston Churchill was removed from school curriculums in place of global warming? One of the greatst men to ever live, wiped off the books. Nice!

6. Live earth concerts really helped. I think mostly by people turning off their TV's and saving electricity.

7. < (less than to LA) 4% of the world's carbon dioxide is man made.

8. The UK was supposed to be in a drought this year, and progressively dry and US was supposed to get hit with 6 major hurricanes last year and this year. Wow. No hurricanes down here and england if flooding.

9. I read another article saying that the sun had nothing to do with global warming, yet its also warming on Mars. I guess there are SUV's there we haven't found yet.

So ladies, tell me what is your smoking gun of evidence is that would convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Global Warming is man-made. By they way, don't say Al Gore's movie because I already watched it (believe it or not). Why? Because I actually want to hear what the other side is thinking unlike you two.

Leah I am not kidding, if by 2012, half the florida coast is gone and 2020 Manhattan is half gone I swear I'll personally pay for Max's first year of college (I may end up doing that anyway's)regardless of the cost. I am that convinced.

Now, are you going to get mad reading this or actually use some data and facts. Now its late, so I am going to crank up my A/C and go to bed (please turn yours off to offset mine if you feel guilty.). You can also respond with a feel good statement and exchange e-mails to say "you rock". Sounds nice but doesn't really do the trick.

Anonymous said...

I'll offer up the following link to a talk show radio host who has links to over 200 articles, etc refuting your man-made dooms day scenario. I am sure neither will go to it. Its NOT rush limbaugh by the way.

I don't listen to him, I just happen to catch it on the way home from work last week (I left early, he's on during work hours, this is why I can't listen). Make your own assessment. Its a new source for me.

Anonymous said...

Finally on a liter note, you never told me if Max's clothes fit?

LaDawn said...

Joe - Why is it ok for you to attack me and Leah but not ok for Leah to simply state the difference of opinions you two might have?

I doubt any evidence would convince you of the effects of global warning. I don't feel that convincing you is a worthwhile investment of my time. You carry on and do what you feel is best and so will I.

LaDawn said...

PS I have a degree in computer science and mathematics. I know what < means. Thank you very much. Condescension is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

If I attacked either of you personally I apologize. I try to focus on what you say.

My dig at the < less than sign was a response to you, can't remember the context, saying I used pretty big words. (which was pretty funny). I also have a degree in stats and ops management, Marketing and Econ minor.