Friday 20 July 2007

The Week That Was

This was Abigail's last week of school. This year she went to a different preschool than Sebastian so she had a slightly different schedule. Now all the summer fun starts for her!

Sebastian went to Legoland with his mate, Jamie, on Monday. Big Big Huge Thanks to Joy for taking them! I hope he was well behaved......

He went to Tennis Camp Tuesday-Thursday. He's never picked up a tennis racket in his life and other than watching Wimbledon for a whole 5 minutes with me, he's not even sure what the game is. Several of his classmates were also at the camp. Amy and Roma have been taking lessons for the last 2 years and, quite frankly, I believe they are the future of tennis in the UK. Watch out Andy Murray!

Bad news was Daddy forgot to apply to sunscreen to Seb's ears. He dutifully covered all parts of his exposed skin except the ears. Typical Daddy error. Seb now has blisters on his ear lobes. Poor child! Now he is wearing mummy's hat which covers his ears.

He enjoyed the tennis though and by the end of the week I could see a major improvement. I mean look at the concentration. And in both photos he is giving the ball some muscle. Both feet are off the ground. Commitment & Determination!

We shared a milestone with the wee little angel that lives next door to us, Helena. She had her first mini-milk. That would be a chocolate ice cream lollie. At first the cold caused a really funny face (unfortunately not captured by the camera). But she quickly decided this was delicious and kept coming back for more!

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