Thursday 26 July 2007

Out of Danger

The river surge has hit Reading this morning at about 4 am and there was no flooding of property. Whilst the river remains high, it appears that the worse has passed and we are no longer in imminent danger. We are expecting the Environment Agency to lift the Flood Warning later this afternoon for our area.

Rain is forecast for the next couple of days but it shouldn't be in sufficient quantities to affect the river level.

I've rarely felt so powerless to stop anything from happening. Once I had taken all the recommended actions all we could do was sit back and wait. In a way that feeling was liberating. Being the supreme control freak that I am, I was acutely aware that there was little more I could do. If the water decided to visit, it was visiting!

But it didn't/hasn't. And now I can stop talking about the dang weather. And bring on sunnier climates.

An amusing side affect of all this wet weather is the British desire to escape this soggy island and head for balmier shores. Normally, you can pick up last minute travel deals at any travel website or high street shop. Yesterday it was reported that the last minute deals are sold out.

Just last summer, the media was reporting that last minute deals were on the decline and that families were simply no longer interested in cheap package holiday deals. What a difference 1 year makes.

Families obviously fed up with the grey skies and too fed up to do the organising of flights, car hire, and accommodation themselves have snapped up all the cheapest deals without really applying much more criteria than is it sunny? Yes? OK, I'll take it.

Sounds sensible to me!


Anonymous said...

Hooray So glad to hear it is over Love Mom

Janell said...

What a relief!

stephanie said...

You sounded like me this winter when all I could talk about and think of was how much snow was on the ground. It is nice to occupy your thoughts with something new. Oh, BTW, have I told you how hot it is .....snow where are you SNOW!!! Never satisfied - Your sista

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you can relax and get back to normal now.

Sue said...

Glad the danger has passed and you, your family and your home are all safe and sound.