Sunday 28 October 2007

Another Care Package

My mother sent her grandchildren some surprises in a box.

Abigail was thrilled to be Dora kitted! She loves the sunglasses and the handbag! She didn't want to wear the hat because she thought it covered up her sunglasses. HINT: New Dora PJs would make a wonderful Christmas pressie. Hers have run their course and are headed for the bin if I can ever get them off of her!

And Sebastian had the best time ever doing his Magic Crystal Garden. Actually even the adults (including the neighbours) were amazed with the outcome of the garden. The bad news was in the morning one of the tress got accidentally knocked over when we had to move it out of the way for breakfast. The next day the whole thing got destroyed when Abigail accidentally dropped her dolly on the mountain.

We had massive tears and tantrums. He was so upset he was inconsolable.

So we put in an emergency request to Grandma for additional Magic Gardens and she delivered!

Thanks, Grandma. You're the Best! I especially say thanks for the Reese's Peanut Butter cups - mmm mmm good!

PS Please do not send any more blue or yellow tack. The dog eats it and I have to keep throwing it away.

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