Sunday 21 October 2007

Return of the Impetigo

Abigail's infection returned with a vengeance last week. After yet another trip to the doctor we now have an "even stronger" antibacterial cream which we are smearing on her 3 times day.

I am now getting very paranoid particularly when the doctor announced that this looked like a very resistant strain. It brought to mind the warnings from the other side of the Atlantic in the last week.

She looks like they are starting to get better but that's what we thought the last time! If we don't see marked improvement in the next 24 hours we are going back to the doctor and requesting a specialist!


Janell said...

Poor Abigail. She (and you) must be feeling miserable. I hope she gets what she needs to clear it up.

Sue said...

I think all my kids had bouts of impetigo. We treated it with Neosporin. That must not be strong enough for what Abigail has. Hope she gets over it soon.