Wednesday 3 October 2007


Sebastian got an infection in the cuticle of his middle finger 3 weeks ago. A few days later he was diagnosed with impetigo in the corner of his mouth. After treating both with oral antibiotics and antibacterial cream it all cleared up. I was rather happy that he only missed one day of school due to the weekend.

On Friday Abigail came home from the childminder with what appeared to be impetigo spots on her chest. We treated it with antibacterial cream to no avail. Today we went back to the doctor who confirmed it was impetigo. She is now on oral antibiotics.

When the doctor asked them if they picked their nose they both told her that they did. She told them it was a dirty habit and they shouldn't do it. Seb told her that sometimes that was the only way to really get the deep boogies out of his nose. She didn't have an answer for that one.

I doubt I will have to tell my children to stop picking their nose for a long time.

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