Sunday 21 October 2007

England Rugby

Last night the country stood still for a few hours whilst England played against South Africa for the title of World Rugby Champions in Paris, France. It was not meant to be.

All I can say is at least they didn't embarrass themselves. South Africa beat England in the very first game of the tournament 36-0. Most everyone feared a similar fate. That was not meant to be either.

England played with all their hearts. They made some foolish mistakes and they had a try which was taken away from them. Bad luck. I'd like to say it's part of the game but with instant replay it was clear that it was a try. But for the rest of the game England pushed and passed and kicked with all the strength they could muster.

In the end, England played respectably but lost 6 to 15. They lost to the best team and South Africa deserved the win.

PS I've never seen so much blood in a sporting event! One SA player had to forced off the field to go get his eyelid stitched up before he was allowed to return to the game for the final minutes. The white jersey's of the England players were soaked in the red of their own and their opponents blood. Not sure I like this game......


Janell said...

My goodness! It sounds like a rodeo without the roughstock. Do they have rodeos in Europe anywhere?

Anonymous said...

I watched my first ever rugby games during the finals. I was hooked immediately. I had to look away from the tv numerous times!