Monday 8 October 2007

Spoon Full of Sugar

You know it's bad when you start taking parenting advice from Mary Poppins.

Abigail has been taking antibiotics for her impetigo. She is supposed to have a dose four times/day. The medicine tastes vile and she is refusing at the gate.

The first couple of days we could almost get her to take it. Then she got smart and started refusing. She would spit it out or vomit it up. We had antibiotic liquid all over everywhere.

I asked the doctor for another prescription and permission to mix it with other things. We started hiding it in her drinks: juice and milk. She got wise and started refusing to drink. We mixed it with ice cream. She knew what we were up to and refused that as well.

We started taking away toys away. She didn't care. Last night we had cleared her room of every toy she owned and she still refused to take the medicine.

We finally had to pin her down, plug her nose, pry open her mouth and force it down her.

This morning we've tried the spoon full of sugar after the medicina as an enticement. So far so good. We still have to pin her down but the sugar seems to get rid of the horrible after taste and she's not complaining half as much as she was.

Only 3 more days to go. I'm exhausted.


Janell said...

Well, you know, you could do worse than Mary Poppins. Just be careful you don't get sucked up your chimney and start dancing on the rooftops with Dick Van Dyke. (I learned the chimney sweep dance once and it's hard enough to do on a flat stage!)

Anonymous said...

Never saw the movie, if you can believe that. Just a few scenes.