Thursday 25 October 2007


I love snow. Lots of snow. I'm from Colorado. What do you expect? Blizzards excite me! The sound of the outdoors changes dramatically when it is covered in snow.

Only once in the 11 years I've been living in the UK has there been enough snow on the ground to make a snowman. And I was in Colorado.

Marc & I were pregnant with Sebastian and I had taken him home to meet my family and enjoy the Christmas festivities at the Grandmother's house. We had a light dusting of snow on Christmas Eve so technically it was a white Christmas but by Colorado standards it hardly qualified.

When we flew over London on our trip back and looked down the ground was blanketed in white. There were even piles of snow on the sides of roads where the snow had been cleared. It melted in a few days. We missed the fun entirely.

A few years later when Abigail was a few months old we returned to Colorado for Easter. We took Marc's mum with us. We all had the flu and were sick for much of the celebrations early in the week. But it snowed. Every morning we woke up to masses of snow despite the fact that it was April. The grandchildren built a snowman in the front garden at my Grandmother's home. I've got a picture of it somewhere! The snow would melt by the end of the day and new snow would fall overnight. It was glorious!

It snowed in Denver on Sunday night. It didn't here in Old Windsor. It will be the same story throughout the winter. I wish it would snow here instead of all that dreary rain of winter!

I loved snow days when I was in school. I love seeing children all bundled up in snow suits. I love their little red drippy noses. I love going sledding. I envy my sister's children who have a steep hill in their back garden and can go sledding any time there is snow!

We don't own snow suits. Haven't got the need. We've got some very nice big coats courtesy of Grandma (my mother in Colorado). My children love wearing them. They think they are arctic explorers when they put them on.

Bring on the Snow!


Janell said...

I love the way the outdoors looks blanketed with snow on a night when the moon is full. Breathtaking!

Sue said...

Snow is much prettier than all the dry, brown grasses in the winter. With a husband, son and son-in-law all driving trucks, the snow does cause some worries. If I didn't have to worry about the drivers, clean the driveway and sidewalk, and get to work, I would like the snow. Just want to sit and watch it pile up in the back yard.

stephanie said...

I love the snow too! I appreciate cold weather but only for a day. Humm, at odds. Love snow but not the cold.

I do love to watch my kids play in the snow and yes, the sledding is great fun.