Thursday 4 October 2007

A Storytelling Heritage

As I wrote and published my City Girl story, I suddenly missed my grandmother. Not because she had gone drinking with any of us or even that she was with us on that nothing short of heroic road trip. She did help us recover the day after but that isn't what caused my heart to ache for her presence.

It was the fact that I'd written the story down. You see, I come from a family of story tellers. We tell the same stories over and over at every possible gathering of more than 1 family member. My sister and I can crack ourselves up just retelling a story to each other. You can see by the comments left after my City Girl story that the story continues to grow.

Many times these stories got retold around the dining table at my Grandmother's house. We don't gather there anymore. And the opportunities to gather as a family are few and far between, especially since I live 5,000 miles away.

And we've never written these stories down. Until now. I hope I haven't broken some ancient family rule.

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