Thursday 25 October 2007

Out Played

The Rockies lost the first game of the World Series 13 -1 to the Red Sox. The winning streak is over.

Quite frankly, they were out pitched, out hit, and out played.

Josh Becket pitched a great game and the bats were hot. The Rockies had to go deep into the bullpen just to finish the game.

The Rockies had 8 days of rest and I can't help but think that it affected their rhythm.

Tonight is Game 2. I hope the Rockies heat up.


stephanie said...

The thing I love about baseball is that you can have one bad night, in fact,you can have 3 bad nights and still be champions. Go Rockies!

Janell said...

My sympathies to you Rockies fans. They really took a spanking last night.

LaDawn said...

One bad night does not a defeat make! It's not over til the fat lady sings and she's still at home.