Sunday 28 October 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Is there any child focused activity that could be less child friendly?

Give highly excited children a collection of sharp objects and lighted candles and see what happens. Chaos! My daughter nearly poked her eye out with a slight slip and my son was close to setting the house alight.

My son decided to draw a picture of the image he wanted on his pumpkin. It was very ornate and detailed. The idea of transferring this to the front of the pumpkin was going to involve magic and left his father carving for the next hour or so.

We are not entirely sure what Abigail drew a picture of but she seems happy with my interpretation on her jack 0 lantern. She did sit there with a look of intense concentration poking the holes in the design I had drawn. I was amazed my her fine motor skills. My children never cease to amaze me!

Marc usually produces a top artistic product but I must say this year was not his finest piece. He says his canvas was not large enough to work work. Excuses!

The 2 smaller pumpkins are from our very own garden. They are virtually the only produce we managed to harvest this year. Good thing as the other 2 pumpkins were the only ones left in the supermarket this morning.

We have decorated the kitchen and the lounge. We have skeletons hanging everywhere. We haven't been able to put out the spider webs due to inclement weather (it's raining - dangit!). We are now ready for all the ghouls and goblins to come although because we live in the middle of nowhere no one ever comes trick or treating here! But my children are very excited about going for their treats!


Janell said...

Good jobon the jack-o-lanterns. Jack & Em still enjoy doing that. Jack, especially, comes up with some very artistic designs. He does watermelon baskets for me inthe summer.

LaDawn said...

Watermelon baskets? What a great idea!!

stephanie said...

Great Jack O'Lanterns!