Friday 26 October 2007


The other day I was upstairs getting ready for work. Abigail announced she was going to get ready for work too. I wasn't entirely sure what this entailed but was too absorbed in my own schedule to stop and interrogate. She disappeared off downstairs to her bedroom.

She returned 10 minutes later with this face. She proclaimed she had done her own makeup.

The makeup was a gift from some good friends last year. At first I was horrified. I am adamantly against the eroticism of young children and refuse to buy my little girl clothes that make her look like a hussy: mid-drift tops, etc. My own mother refused to let me wear makeup until I was 16 and I was convinced this was a good decision.

When Abigail saw the makeup kit she was overjoyed. It included lip gloss, nail polish, blush, and eye shadow. I thought she could wear this around the house. what harm could it do?

One day the family went out shopping. Abigail carried one of her many handbags. As we were getting out of the car I realised she had secreted a lip stick in her handbag and deftly applied it on the drive to the shops. We went into the shops with Abigail wearing bright pink lipstick smeared all over the vicinity of her lips.

When Abigail appeared with her full face on as displayed in the photograph we were going to out to lunch with some friends and we didn't have time to clean off her face. So I just let it go. We got loads of people telling her how beautiful she looked. Fuel for the fire....

I say pick your battles. And she thought she looked beautiful. So do I!

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Janell said...

I have to agree. Abigail would look beautiful covered with mud!