Tuesday 30 October 2007

Meal Planning Obsession

As a mother, I think meal planning is one of the hardest things we do. Not hard in requires PhD brain power hard but hard as in tedious, requires limitless creativity and budget considerations as well as ensuring you serve something everyone will like and won't be too fiddly to make after a hard day at the office. This is not easy. My husband hates fish and eggs. My children struggle with many vegetables although carrots, green beans, broccoli and tomatoes are fast favourites.

Many of my cookbooks hark from the other side of the Atlantic (USA) and I sometimes struggle to find the required ingredients. I've been known to travel from supermarket to supermarket and come home with half the ingredients for 5 days worth of meals but not all the ingredients to make anything. Mostly, I've given up on any cookbook that doesn't hark from the UK - with the exception of the Carson Family Cookbook.

Family Fun is one of my favourite websites. I go there for inspiration and help all the time. I found this menu planner on their website and thought what a great idea! Not all the recipes look that easy and some don't look all that healthy but for the most part I think I'll give this a go!

Otherwise, I'm going to create my own blog with family recipes along the lines of Nelli's Redneck Restaurant which is inspiring me and my family is loving the results.

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Janell said...

Thanks for the referral! Can't wait to see your family recipe blog!