Wednesday 9 May 2007

5 Philosophical Blessings

This was another great idea I stole from another blogger, Cindy, who is related to me but dang, if I can figure it out. It took me a long time to write this post for 2 reasons. 1) I am VERY blessed. 2) There are little things which bless me and big things which bless me. I hold the big and the little in equal measures. I know people who have the big things but don't appreciate the little things so miss the whole blessing. And I know people who don't have the big things but have the little things and they are seriously blessed! Oprah encourages keeping a gratitude journal in which you record your daily thanks at the end of everyday. OK, I can't do that. I tried. I just had some days that were really bad and trying to think about my blessings made me cross. Besides, Oprah made me cross with the whole "letting yourself go" thingy and I have stopped listening to her until I cool off. So what I decided to do here is get the big big big ones out of the way. Then in a separate post, wholly unexpectedly, I will post my daily blessings. If I forget, someone better remind me.

5. Health - Everyone I know is free of terminal disease and has a reasonable expectation of meeting/exceeding their statistical life expectancy. Both of my parents are still alive and healthy.

4. Success - I live in a place where I can be responsible for my own financial success (or lack thereof) and, for the most part, I can make decisions which have a direct impact on my family's financial security. I got a good education and I am maximising the return on that investment

3. Freedom - I am free to learn, free to speak my mind, free to change my opinion, free to grow, free to vote, free to do nothing at all, if I so choose

2. Content - My children are happy and care free. They learn, grow and play in an environment in which they have nothing to fear

1. Love - I am loved by my pets, friends, family, children, husband and myself

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!


Sue said...

FYI - Cindy is my daughter. I guess she would not be considered
a relative of yours. She would be
Janell's niece.

LaDawn said...

Shot - I really wanted to be related to her! Could we pretend and not tell anyone?

Sue said...

Maybe you could consider her an
in-law, twice removed or something.

Janell said...

We'll just make you an honorary Gatewood sister, then Cindy can be your niece, too, and we won't have to pay any adoption fees.