Wednesday 23 May 2007

London (again)

May has been a crazy month for me so far. I feel like I've been to one conference after another. Every week I've been here, there, and everywhere. This week is the last of my conferences (for the year I am hoping). But yesterday and today I am commuting into London, again.

Missed the train connection in Windsor, and could only get the slow train from Slough to Paddington. Tube was delayed. Arrived at conference about 10 minutes late.

Ride home was a mess. Tube terminated at a station earlier than I needed. Had to change tubes to a sardine can (tube stuffed with people). Realised train from Paddington was not for another 20 minutes so caught train to Maidenhead and asked Marc to come pick me up. Tried to leave Paddington only to find out that the ticket I had bought didn't go as far as Maidenhead and the ticket man (what are they called?) was very nice and let me just pay the differential of £3 instead of the £20 fine.

Ooooops! Boy, did I feel a bit dim......geeesh, I hope today goes a bit better!

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Janell said...

Are you glad that May is almost over? I hope you have a GREAT day today.(I'm writing this Thursday AM.) and I trust yesterday was better.