Thursday 3 May 2007

Talc Powder

This is one of those vestigial structures of previous generations that I dearly cling to. I love the smell. I love the usefulness. I love the memories the smell evokes (both my grandmothers were big fans of talc powder). I was given some lovely smelling talc for Christmas a few years back. I was thrilled. I use it every morning and occasionally catch a whiff as I move through my day. It makes me smile.

Do you use talc powder? Is that a personal question?


Janell said...

Yes. (But it's okay coming from you.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I also, love the aroma as the day passes... All should use it..Keep the memories alive..Mom

JOY said...

Yip I use it!

Usually when I am out of the shower or bath!

I love the feeling on my skin it makes is nice and smooth and the scent lasts for ages!