Thursday 31 May 2007

Sushi is a Favourite

I just read this article in the NYTimes (online edition). One Word: Amen!

We have friends who cook separate meals for thie children. I've never quite gotten that. I don't have time. And I won't pay for that. My children eat what we eat. If they don't like it, there is always breakfast. As a result, Sebastian's favourite food is sushi. Abigail likes spicy food. They both love tacos. Neither of them are fans of curry. Seb is a fan of lamb and Abigail loves fish (any and all).

We try to include them in the meal planning. So they choose spaghetti or pizza a couple times a month. But they eat almost all vegetables. With the exception of peas and brussels sprouts which I refuse to cook because I can't stand the smell or taste.

We have the occasional night out for Marc and I and one these evenings I serve up some fish fingers. The children do love them. But it is not the mainstay of their diet!


Janell said...

I've never tried sushi, but they have been packaging it up for carryout at some of my grocery store delis. What's the best kind?

LaDawn said...

Wouldn't recommend grocery store sushi as your first foray into the wonderful world of sushi. But start simple, if that is your only option. Try prawns (which will be cooked, salmon (which may be smoked or raw), and tune - my favourite, which will most definitely be raw but as a result isn't found much in grocery store sushi packets.

Or if you ever go to Denver, Steph can take you to Sushi Den which relaly is the gold standard.

Brooke said...

Janell- Go to Blue its on 144th and Maple. They have some of the best sushi in Omaha. The other one is Kona Grill at Village Pointe. I am 90% sure they have the one LaDawn is talking about. I am hungry for sushi now.