Monday 21 May 2007

Monday Mania

Monday nights are a little bit of fun and a little bit of chaos.

I pick up one of Seb's school mates, Hetta, at the same time as I pick up Seb on Mondays. I take her home and then pick up Abigail. Hetta's mummy, Sally, returns the favour and brings Seb home for me on Tuesdays. We race home and Seb has a snack and does as much homework as he can before we run back out the door to go swimming. Seb is taking private swim lessons as he hasn't come on quite as quickly as we would like in the school's swimming lessons. It's nice because Marc and I get in and play with Abigail one on one whilst Seb does his lesson. The second child never gets that undivided attention from mummy and daddy so she really enjoys it. She's getting to be quite good (better than Seb was at this age)!

Then we go out for a bite to eat. The children got to pick the spot today and they choose Pizza Hut. I don't normally mind this as they have one of the best salad bars in England (they are not big on salad bars in this country) and they are the only place I've ever found Blue Cheese dressing (my favourite). Today, the salad bar had no Blue Cheese on offer. They had run out. And they had run out of milk (Abigail's favourite dinner drink). Then the Supreme Pizza got delivered with 4 pieces of mushrooms, white onions instead of red, and yellow peppers instead of green. Heck, if I'd known they were out of food we would have gone elsewhere. In the end, we got the pizza for free and they only charged us for Marc's salad. I'm still afraid it might be a while before we go back!

The children are in bed, exhausted from the swimming. Marc has taken Bailey for a quick walk (in the rain). I am going to go put on my pjs and crawl into bed with my book! Night!

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Janell said...

Emily works at Pizza Hut in Blair and she would be mortified to have been involved in a visit like your's! The PH bleu cheese is my second favorite. My first choice is the recipe I make at home.
Enjoy your book and sleep tight!