Sunday 13 May 2007

Eurovision 2007

The Americans in my audience will have no idea what I am talking about. Or at least I know I didn't until I moved to Europe. "What is Eurovision?" Over here they take it rather seriously with Eurovision parties kicking off all over the place.

Last night was Eurovision 2007. The song that won was from Serbia and the woman looked like she had won a boxing match rather than a song contest. It looked to me that she had a bit of a mustache. With 100 million people watching, you would think she could have waxed but then again maybe that was part of the act. Brittany goes out with runners in her stockings! I thought Russia did the best and I was glad to see that they took a respectable third. What was distressing is that the United Kingdom who consistently delivers excellence to the music world, (eg Beatles, Rolling Stones, James Blunt, Lily Allen, Scissor Sisters, Arctic Monkeys - do I need to go on?) cannot manage a decent Eurovision entry. The last 3 years have been dismal performances!

Don't even get me started about Ireland's performance. This little country who has consistently delivered winning performances at Eurovision had a seriously off night! It was so bad I fast forwarded through it.

There was the typical "you scratch my back, I'll give you 12 points" going on, but that is no less entertaining. International alliances are made and broken here. You can see wars ending. OK, maybe not. I'm glad I've got SkyPlus (TiVo, for you Americans) as we fast forwarded through most of it but it was good for a laugh nonetheless.

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Shirley said...

You're right about the Americans having no clue what this is about.
Reminds me of another question -- how is it the Prime Minister resigns? Where was the vote, etc.?