Wednesday 9 May 2007

Butterfly House

Sebastian had a field trip to The London Butterfly House today. It was his first real field trip. I was a nervous wreck all day today at work. I had visions of him getting lost in London or the school bus getting hit by a drunk driver or him being kidnapped for ransom. Not entirely sure what a I have that a kidnapper might want but I guarantee I would find a way if they took him.

To make matters even worse, I had a late meeting at the office so I couldn't even pick him up at school. Daddy did.

But not to worry. When we met up at home, he told me all about his trip. They had gotten gift bags. He had traded his scorpion and frog for 2 butterflies so that he had 3 butterflies. He wanted 3 butterflies because 3 butterflies had landed on him whilst he was at the house. He was so excited. So was I.

Gee, wish I could have gone. But then he wouldn't have had as much fun. Hurrrumph!

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JMarie said...

Yeah, I was dreaming about all the cool school stuff I could be present for...then my husband reminded me that I would be hovering and probably ruin the fun. Ouch. It stings to think about him doing stuff without me...and LIKING it. ;-) But, along the lines of a previous post, I guess that is what you sign up for the moment you release them from your womb.