Monday 28 May 2007

Science Museum

OK, first of all, let me say if you are trying to access my blog using you are probably experiencing some difficulties. I apologise for this. We are in discussion with my domain hosting service and will be making a change shortly. If you have been able to get here you might want to book mark That proves a bit more reliable in the short term.

Secondly, here in the UK we are drowning. It has been raining cats and dogs since midday Saturday. there are several flood warnings and watches although the River Thames does not currently have any warnings and we are not at present in any threat of danger.

Thirdly, the weather is causing havoc for our 3 day weekend. We had plans to go camping but saw the weather forecast and abandoned that plan. Quite sensibly. We had hoped for at least some long walks. But unless we want to get soaked and chilled to the bone we have decided to give that a miss as well.

Yesterday we decided to go to the Science Museum in London. Along with a gazillion other people with children all descending on the capital city for a bit of diversion.
There was a queue to get in. We stood there in the rain with all of our brollies (umbrellas). the queue moved quickly. then we stood in another line for the SpyMaster exhibit. We paid an exorbitant fee of £28 (~$50) for the 4 of us. The exhibit was so crowded we couldn't really participate in any of the computer games. Most of the exhibit was targeted at older children so Seb and Abby were not impressed. We walked round the rest of the crowded museum and tried to enjoy ourselves.

Seb liked the oldest Steam Locomotive. Abigail was not impressed with the space rockets. We then found a patterns exhibit targeted for 3-8 year olds and this was nirvana. Seb spent his entire time trying out the solving puzzles with magnetic shapes. Abigail rain from place to place. She especially liked the dancing bit that showed your form with lights on a screen. I was amazed at how quickly she learned to operate the touch screen exhibits to make shapes and patterns on a big screen in front of her. Marc and I sat on a bench and just let her wear herself out running around!

We left exhausted and stopped for some sushi at Yo Sushi at Fulham Broadway (a groovy part of London). Abigail fell asleep in the car. Seb was shattered so we skipped bath time and they went straight to bed about 1/2 hour past normal bedtime.

This morning we awoke to more rain and gale force winds ripping through the garden. God only knows what we will do to keep from driving each other crazy!

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