Tuesday 1 May 2007

Impromptu R&R

Yesterday's blog silence nearly killed me. The disease has obviously taken over.

We had a fabulous Sunday. In the morning we went to this Farm Shop in Addlestone which had American food supplies. I was able to get a bit of Stove Top, Wheat Thins, and Kraft Mac & Cheese. You don't want to know what I paid for one of those little blue boxes.

Then Abigail and I went off to a birthday party for her friend, Theo. Theo is the baby brother of Isaac who was born just 1 week before Seb. His mum and dad went to the same birthing classes Marc & I did. So I got to meet up with a couple mums from that group and our neighbour, Adrienne.

When we were leaving the party, Adrienne realised that the day wasn't quite over and the weather was beautiful so she invited us round to her family's home. I went home, hung out a load of laundry, grabbed my husband, children and dog a bottle of Pimms, a bottle of lemonade and walked over to their home. The children played with the dog and out about in the garden. The adults sat and drank 2 pitchers of Pimms. After a couple hours Keith offered up some pasta for the children which they thoroughly enjoyed. A little while later a the sun was nearing the horizon, we decided we needed to go home for the bath and bed routine.

What a great afternoon. We laughed and talked and talked and laughed. The children played and had a great time with Bailey. Bailey was shattered when we got home! He fell fat asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Thanks to the O'Hara's for having us round. We had a great time!


Janell said...

If I had not been able to get Kraft mac & cheese when my kids were Seb & Abigail's age, they would have starved to death! Their tastes are a little more varied now, but mac & Cheese is still a family favorite.

LaDawn said...

And it is impossible to describe to an english person who has never had it!"

Brooke said...

I love mac n cheese especially homemade. what else can you not get over in england?