Thursday 10 May 2007

Top 5 Favourite Restaurants

5. Red Lobster, Anywhere, USA - OK, don't laugh but I crave for the Linguine Crab Alfredo. I can't help myself. If there was a way to ship it to me I would. But I can't. I've researched this. I pig out when I go home for a visit. I've tried to perfect the recipe in my kitchen but I can't. My sis swears that she and her husband have done it but I've tried their recipe and I beg to differ. Although there's is good it just ain't the same!

4. Caviar Kaspia, Paris, France - I spent my 30th birthday here with a gaggle of my best mates. We drank vodka and ate caviar and drank vodka and drank vodka. I hear I had a great time!

3. Blue Water Grill, NYC, NY USA - I have eaten at the restaurant almost every time I have visited the Big Apple. I even blagged my way in with a fake table reservation (booking) one night when I desperately wanted to take my husband. Kerry & I had a most memorable meal there and walked out with half the cutlery! I love this place.

2. Me Dhuniye Restaurant, Soneva Fushi Resort & Spa, Maldives - The floor is sand and you can't wear shoes anywhere at the resort. The food is delicious serving up fresh sashimi caught just a couple hours earlier. They had a crab curry soup to die for. Marc & I spent our honeymoon here and it was a dream come true.

1. Sushi Den, Denver, CO USA - This is the first place I ever ate sushi, over 20 years ago. It is still my favourite place to eat. I eat until I am on the verge of exploding.

My dream day is breakfast in bed(eggs benedict), lunch at Red Lobster, dinner at Sushi Den. I love food when I don't have to shop, cook, clean up! One of my favourite foods is not represented on the list: Mexican. That would tip the list to I am going to sneak it in here......Blue Bonnet, Denver, CO USA - Bring on the chile rellenos! Now only those who read the whole thing know about this place! Sssshhhh!


Janell said...

You really know how to get around!
I'm still looking forward to reading about the ten countries you've lived in.

JMarie said...

Red Lobster?! Gross.

LaDawn said...

Leah - yeah, like I didn't see that coming?!?! Duh!

Sue said...

All sound very nice, but the best
hot beef sandwich is at the Hiway
cafe in Lyons. If you haven't tried it, next time you are in the
USA, lets do lunch. Any day but Sunday. They don't serve it on Sundays.