Tuesday 22 May 2007

The Celebrations

Saturday night, my husband and I met up with our friend Mike for a sushi dinner as an pre-birthday celebration. We seriously over ordered on the sushi and I probably drank more sake than I should have. Mike was in a seriously grumpy mood. I really enjoyed having some grown up time with my husband. We ate far too much sushi!

I'm not sure who was more excited about my birthday: Sebastian or Abigail. Sebastian made Marc help him hang some bunting in the lounge and they helped Daddy make my Eggs Benedict and bring me coffee and breakfast in bed. I opened my cards and pressies. I got one of those digital picture frame, where you load up some digital photos on to a memory stick and plug the frame in and it slide shows through the photos as it sits on your shelf. I saw one that Nikki & Kevin, Marc's cousin and her husband, got for their wedding and I have been yearning for one ever since.

Sebastian insisted that they decorated the lounge with bunting. It looked like party central. Sebastian was very cross that they didn't have any balloons.

We took a nice long walk along the river down to the weir with the dog. Bailey was fairly well behaved. It was cooling down and threatening rain by the time we were heading back and we made it home before the drizzle started.

After a relaxing afternoon, my husband made my favourite dinner: lobster tails. We had home made birthday cake (Thanks, Marc!) and ice cream for dessert.

A very civilised birthday celebration indeed.

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Janell said...

Sounds perfect!