Thursday 31 May 2007

Is Gas Expensive?

My father has always marvelled at how much we in the UK are willing to pay for a gallon of fuel. Nowadays, petrol and diesel are roughly the same price (at least in the UK). We pay £1/litre. There are ~4 litres in a gallon. That works out to £4/gallon. Given the current exchange rate that is ~$8/gallon. So stop complaining about $3!

Here is a funny little article about the price of gasoline in the USA and what you might be willing to pay (or not).


Janell said...

It's funny, but every time gas prices go up here, somebody brings up the price of gas in Europe. We should do price comparisons on other things we use every day on both continents. I'll make a list and put it on OSM.

Anonymous said...

The high gas prices in Europe in my remembrance had more to do with infrastructure maintenance and perhaps upgrades, so no increased taxes on those.If you used the roads, you paid for them. Seemed fair..? Rail and tram didn't need to be profitable, just used. Everything in the US needs to be profitable -maybe we need to change our math calculations?

LaDawn said...

Clare -
I think that might still be true on the mainland but not so in England. Everything is run for profit now and travelling via rail is a real gamble. Congestion Chage for going into the centre of London is ~$16. Robbery!

Janell -
Good idea. Send me a list of things you want to compare and I'll find the same items over here!