Sunday 1 July 2007

1,000+ Visits

Last month (June) was another milestone for the Clare-Panton Family Blog. We had over 1,000 visits during the month of June. I'm not sure who you are. But I would like to thank you for coming. And I'd like to thank you for returning again and again. And apparently telling your friends to come.

Now if only I could get you to leave comments. Or at least register a click comment!


Anonymous said...

You're welcomed.

Sue said...

Enjoy your blog and am learning about the English. Also love your book reviews. I have the Kite Runner reserved at the library.
Have you read any of Nicholas Sparks books? His mother was a native of Lyons. "Three Weeks With My Brother" is about his growing up years.

Janell said...

That's Lyons, Nebraska - where we grew up.