Monday 24 September 2007

Blog Hiatus

My mother rang earlier this evening and asked if I was ok. I was knee deep in homework and laundry and dinner preparations and animal feeding time and was puzzled by what she meant by "ok". I mean I was as ok as I ever am at 5:30 on a Monday evening (or any weekday evening at that time).

I should actually make it a rule not to answer the phone at that time but sometimes returning phone calls takes more effort than just answering the dang phone.

I told her I was fine and asked why she asks. Seems my mother got worried that something had gone horrifically wrong in my household because there had been no blog post for the last 2 days and there was no explanation for the lack of blog posts and my mother thought that was just a bit too out of character. As any mother does, she jumped to the worst case scenario and thought we had possibly been murdered in our homes.

Man, that would be something to blog about! But no, I've simply been racing around like a maniac and having some 'puter problems and man oh man, Facebook is sucking some time from the blog. There, I've said it.

Similar to my sister's Guitar Hero addiction, I just can't stay away from Facebook. And this isn't good. Mostly because I don't enjoy it as much as I do the blog. And some things on Facebook I just don't get. Like can anyone tell me why we are throwing food at each other?

Anyway, I will try to not skip 2 days in a row without posting unless there is a good reason. but if it does happen, please look for me on Facebook and don't assume we've been hit by a tornado (although a tornado did hit the UK today in a couple places - but that's another post!)


Janell said...

Facebook is more confusing than blogging. I decided the stuff on it that I don't "get" is just because I'm too old, and that's okay. I understand some things about life in general now that young folks don't "get"!

LaDawn said...

Great perspective! But I'm not giving up learning new things....