Tuesday 18 September 2007

Piano Lessons

One of my greatest regrets is that I never learned to play an instrument. I blame my parents. I don't think they pushed me hard enough. And the organ doesn't really count.

So with that in mind: Sebastian started piano lessons on Friday. As you most of you will know (since many of you will play a musical instrument), practice is the key to success (assuming you are mildly talented). And we don't own a piano.

Now, I am not going to rush out and buy a piano. Ah, but the neighbours have one. And we have a key! Mwuh-ah-ah-ah!

No, I better ask.....Emma & Si are happy for Seb to do his 10 minute practice time 3 times/week. But we've only just begun. Now I'm questioning my sanity.

We bought his first music book. I opened it up. Since I don't understand it how am I supposed to help him? Can he take kazoo lessons?


Janell said...

You can help him by saying, "That sounded beautiful, Seb! Please play it again!" (Though I'm sure you thought of that already.)

Anonymous said...

LaDawn the cords on the organ are the same as piano, think about it. I believe you know how to read music the c cord is the same. the same black keys are sharps 1 higher (I think) flats are 1 black key lower. You just need to refresh your memory..You can do it..I have great faith in you.. Learn with him..two for one..Love ya Mom

Anonymous said...

To Seb...You will be great...Grandma

Sue said...

Mom tried to get all of us interested in the piano. Janell is the only one who really stuck with it. Mom tried to start Cindy & Tammie when they were little. Tammie has started taking lessons at 40. She bought a used piano and gave me the key board she started on. Now I try to play a few easy pieces on the key board.
Learn with him, Ladawn. If he sticks with it, start looking for a used piano.

LaDawn said...

Great Idea! I will learn with him. Two piano lessons for the price of one! Now if Abigail can start the violin, we'll have a band!

stephanie said...

I want to be in your band. I can play the guitar hero....oh wait, that is an air guitar. Shucks! BTW, you might want to change the word violin to fiddle before Dad reads this. And now that I have mentioned the fiddle, I can play a mean air fiddle too. Think about it, Seb and you on the piano and me on the air guitar and air fiddle. I would be amazing.

LaDawn said...

You can be in our band but only because no one can hear an air instrument! Please don't sing! ROFL!

I want to learn to play the fiddle!!!!

LaDawn said...

PS Just for the record: I canNOT read music. Never could! But I'm learning now.