Wednesday 5 September 2007

First Day of School

Abigail looked so grown up in her school uniform. The book bag was almost as big as she is! She stood perfectly still whilst I plaited her hair.

She was ever so excited to be going to school with Sebastian. Last night she did announce she wasn't going to school but I think we talked her round.

And in the car this morning, her eyes were the size of saucers and I could tell that her brain was working overtime trying to figure out what it meant exactly to be going to school. She fidgeted with her book bag and kept saying out loud "I'm going to Sebbie's school." Not sure if she was trying to convince us or herself.

When we go to the school, Sebastian gave me the usual wave and hung up his own blazer and hat on his peg inside the door which is new for him this year. Within moments he had found an old friend, Rory, and he was off. I didn't even see him off to his classroom.

Abigail thought this was expected of her as well and at the top of the steps to the Pre-Prep Hall she puckered up her lips and offered me a kiss. I gave her a kiss and a cuddle and told her I would walk her down to her classroom. She didn't seem bothered either way.

When we got into the room she took out the presents we had collected during our summer holidays to give to the teachers and handed them out. She took one look at all the things on offer in the classroom and decided she was doing to do a spot of painting right then right now. Miss Brown, the classroom assistant, got an art smock on her and away she went. I don't think she even said goodbye.

It is such a relief to know that she is having fun and learning in a safe environment where I know they will encourage her to be all that she can be. But I can't wait to pick her up and hear all about it!


The Eminator said...

Good luck to them! I'm sure your daughter will do well.

I'll be back reading, as soon as I get some time!

Anonymous said...

That post got me all emotional! I've always been VERY sensitive about all the "firsts and lasts" that we watch our children go through, (especially since my babies are doing a lot of "lasts" now),and then on top of that you had to include the very sweet pictures of your adorable children...sniff,sniff,tear,tear....

Janell said...

Best wishes to the students throughout the new school year!
Nice pictures - Is Seb singing?

LaDawn said...

I'm a sucker for firsts & last, also! Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Seb isn't singing, just screaming for joy over the prospect of going to school. Let's hope he stays this excited!

Sue said...

Your kids are so photogenic and really know how to pose for a camera.
Take it easy this weekend and get well. I would say "quick", but it
has been too long already.