Saturday 1 September 2007

Blog Traffic

I knew that taking 2 weeks off blogging was going to have an impact to my site traffic. Luckily it wasn't as bad as I had feared. This month was the very first month that there was not a growth from the previous month since the blog birth. There was even a last minute surge which ensured I hit 1,000 visits this month. Spot on. Exactly 1,000. How odd is that?

I had been experiencing an average of 46 visits every day. With my blog sabbatical I saw the average visitors/day drop to 19 although that recovered fairly quickly and I ended the month back up to an average 39/day. (Who are you all?)

So all in all not as bad as I had feared but not as good as I had hoped! I would have like to have kept up my growth but 1 months in 8 ain't all that bad!

Keep visiting! Comment more! Tell me what you like and what you don't. Most of all, I hope you enjoy reading about our mundane and extraordinary adventures!

If there is anyone out there reading who would like to start their own blog but don't know where to start just let me know and I can walk you through the easy peasy steps. I'm thinking about hosting a blog masterclass at my home in September. If anyone is interested just drop me an email note.

If you aren't in the UK, ask Stephanie if you are in Colorado and Janell if you are in Nebraska. Both are proficient bloggers. If you aren't in any of those locations just go to Blogger and follow the seriously simple instructions. If I can figure it out, anybody can!


Anonymous said...

I'm a frequent visitor, but I guess you would say really a "lurker", but doesn't sound nice. Anyway you have a nice blog and I've enjoyed the photos. Such beautiful children! Are y'all originally from the States?


LaDawn said...

Lurk all you want. And thanks for coming. I'm glad you enjoy reading it! Keep coming back.

I am originally from Colorado but have been living in the UK for 12 years now. I haven't lived full time in the USA since 1991. My husband is English and our children therefore have dual nationality.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing from Marietta, Georgia and I like all things English/British. :) Once I called my husband at his workplace and his secretary who didn't know me told him later that a "British woman called.". We thought that was funny, because I am deaf and while I do have a slight speech distinction (the word impediment isn't exactly what I have in mind) - I'm not British. I can do the southern thing if I feel like it! Anyway, thanks for your welcome!


LaDawn said...

My British friend say I speak English and my American friends say I speak with an English accent. I can't win!

You ever been to the UK?

Anonymous said...

No, I have never been to the UK and one day I surely do hope to do so. :)