Saturday 8 September 2007

Bowling Shoes

Today was one of my shining moments as a mother!

Sebastian had a birthday party to go to this morning. Since the husband unit is off sailing the ocean blue (well, the Solent, actually) with some of his mates, I had to take Abigail with me to the party.

Upon arrival this was not a problem. Both traded in their trainers for bowling shoes and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy themselves hurling the heavy balls down the lanes.

The bowling alley plays loud music and has flashing lights so for a parent observing this can be a sensory stresser! The children enjoyed it but by the end of the 2 hours I was in a bit of a hurry to get out and give my ears and eyes a break.

I loaded the children into the car, did up the seat belts and headed for Windsor to pick up a couple of birthday presents. I went into the multi story car park, found a place and unloaded the children. We went up in the elevator and started walking towards the shops when Abigail started complaining that her shoes didn't fit.

At that moment I realised both of my children were still wearing their bowling shoes. I stood there wondering what to do. should I abandon the shopping and go immediately? Or would it be ok if I just finished the shopping and took back the shoes at my convenience?

We finished shopping. I noticed some people staring at my children's shoes. Maybe I was imagining it. But I don't think so! I never realised how obvious bowling shoes are. Well, I had but I just hopped no one would notice my children wearing them out and about. It could have been just a fashion statement!

We then went back to the bowling alley and a presented them with 2 pairs of shoes and told the lady what happened. She just nodded and said "Happens all the time."

Oh, thank god for that!

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stephanie said...

I so admire you......ha ha ha!