Tuesday 4 September 2007


This morning on my commute I watched 3 sets of parents load their children into the family cars. The children were kitted out in their brand new uniforms with brand new book bags and their parents were hovering whilst recording the entire event with the trusty video camera.

I know that in less than 12 hours I will be doing the same as I pack Abigail off to her first day of school.

She is freaking out ever so slightly as the reality of what is about to happen is settling into her clever little brain. I don't think she is sure what it means to go to school and today she was desperately trying to convince me and the doctor that she was NOT going to school tomorrow.

I am sure that when she gets there she will just run off and play when she realises how much fun she is going to have. I will sulk off into a quiet corner and lick my wounds of motherhood.

It really is amazing how quickly they grow. I remember looking at my precious fragile little girl in the incubator as she struggled to take a deep breath with her under developed lungs and willing her to be strong. Surely that was just yesterday.

And tomorrow I will let go of her hand as she walks into that classroom. Willing her to be strong. Willing me to be strong.

Oh for heaven's sake, the tear faucet has sprung a leak and I don't think I'll sleep a wink!


Janell said...

Cheer up, Faucet Face. The end of one phase only signals the beginning of another. This isn't a dead end, you're just going around another curve. :)
I wasn't aware that Abigail had such a rough beginning. I hope you'll elborate on that sometime. I'm so thankful she pulled through!

LaDawn said...

Here's the link to a brief story of her birth


I will try to write more about her struggle and our frustrations in a future post.

stephanie said...

I need a tissue. You old sap!