Wednesday 26 September 2007

Love Shield

Everyday my daughter insists on giving me kisses and a cuddle as I walk out the door of our home to start my day. She blows me kisses and tells me to have fun. By the time I get to the bottom of the path she gives me a big thumbs up.

I take all of this into my car and let it cover me. I consider it my Love Shield as I head into the lion's den of my corporate office. Nobody can touch me with my love shield on!


Anonymous said...

LA, you make it so easy.. why? Why do you make it so easy? What am I referring to you ask?

I am officially ROFL, because I used to use "love shields" all the time in college.

Or I could have said..Rather than not touch you with a love shield on, you may want someone wearing a love shield?

We used to buy love shields by the box...

Ok, all in good fun. I am hoping you are liking this better than my political stuff.

By the way, did you hear I'll be a frequent visitor to EU in the very near future? You anywhere near Basingstoke?

LaDawn said...

JB- You don't touch my daughter w/your love shields! I prefer my version.

B'stoke is just 45 minutes southwest from us. I worked in B'stoke for 18 months. The major employer there is The AA (like your AAA) which is owned by a private equity firm but used to be owned by the company I work for. Who you working for?

I may regret saying this but you are welcome to visit us anytime. Let me know your travel plans.

Anonymous said...

In no way shape or form was i referring to your daughter. Please don't interperet it that way.

I work for MOT, I'll let you know when I head out there. I believe one trip before EOY and atleast three trips next year.