Saturday 29 September 2007


My blog community mostly consists of lurkers. These are visitors to the blog who never ever leave a trace that they've visited except for me to see they've been counted on my sitemeter.

Janell faithfully leaves comments to nearly every post I make. Clare makes occasional but deep and meaningful comments. My mother used to comment. My sister used to comment. My sister's blog has fallen into disrepair due to lack of attention. A few work colleagues rarely comment (you know who you are).

But now I'm having a crisis of confidence. My lurker audience is shrinking and I'm not sure what I'm dong wrong. I'm still getting those faithful commenter but my site visits have sharply dropped off in the last month.

Visits fell during August. I chalked that one up to my lack of posting for nearly 2 weeks due to annual leave/holidays/fun in the rain (or not).

But this month the visits dropped even more. Unless I get over 300 visits in the next 2 days (unlikely given it is a weekend which sees my lowest daily visits) I will fail to exceed my visit high set in July this year. Should I care?

Ideas? Tell everyone you know to visit my blog, please!


Janell said...

I don't understand, either. You're writing and photos are as good as ever.
Sorry about the lottery thing - I was rooting for you! I know a man who calls the lottery a "tax on stupidity" because of the phenomenal odds against winning. I buy a ticket once in a while when the pot gets big.

Anonymous said...

There was a time where I had two or three blogs and was lucky if I received ONE comment every so man months, but then I did not provide RSS feeds and stuff that makes blogs accessible. Mostly I was concerned that someone at work would find out I had a blog and didn't want negative publicity. Blogging has the feel of a big city, yet it really does seem to have a small world accessibility - one never knows who they know might discover their blog. You have to feel confident with what you write about to be putting it "out there". But you do have a great thing going on here! :)


LaDawn said...

Sugar - Thanks for the comment. Work knows I blog and many of my visitors are work colleagues. I am aware that what I blog about could be read by everyone and anyone. I'm ok with that.

I would love to put on RSS feeds but can't quite figure out how. If you've got a quick how to guide, I would welcome it!

I'm glad you read and I'm glad you think it is a great thing!

Is Sugar your real name?

Anonymous said...

Well Janelle, I guess you know two guys. I made the same comment on the lottery. Of course, I backed it up with a little analysis.

I'd love to start one, but probably not a good idea given my job.

LA, you would probably get more posters if you slowed down the pace of your posts. I think you do atleast one a day which I think is a lot for a family blog. I can't keep up, and will rarely comment on every post.

By the way, notice I've been tame as of late...:-)

stephanie said...

BTW, readers, my blog is not in disrepair. So, be sure to click through on the link My sisters family blog.

Sue said...

I don't think you should change a thing. I am disappointed when I check my blogs and there is nothing there from LDCP.

LaDawn said...

Thanks Sue. I am disappointed with myself when I don't blog so I'll keep posting.

Steph's blog is not in disrepair just complete and utter disregard! :-) And I see that Casa Herrera has gone down the same path.

I once read a statistic that 60% of blogs started never get any further than the first post. Then I read 50% of the remaining 40% never get past the first month. Finally, 75% of the remaining 20% never get through the firsst year.

Well, I'm past the first post and the first month and very nearly through the first year.

It's working for me.

JB - Thanks for your tameness. I hope you aren't ssaying I tamed you. I just couldn't quite cope with that!

Brooke said...

I will admitt I have been a lurker. I haven't had time to post and for some reason my computer at home won't let me post all the time so I get frustrated. Then i just go to bed. So keep up the posting and we will all continue to read.

Anonymous said...

No worrries, you have not castrated me (refer to garbage post). Notice my last post on casa herrera, I am by no means tame.

You haven't given me a window, hard to tie your crazy global warming believes to the Chi cubs. Besides, using facts and data and being right most of the time gets boring. And you hardly respond to them. i.e. my last casa herrera post.


Speaking of which, it is sad how Casa Herrera went the way of the dinosaur (and soon to be polar bears if you are a global warming whacko).

Was that better?

LaDawn said...

The old JB we know and love is back (with a vengence)!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ladawn, nope ..."Sugar" isn't my real name. :) I'm just a southern bell from Georgia who enjoys reading your blog. I'm living through my dream of being in England via your blog. If I can't be there, this is the next best place to be! Wish I could say my previous blogs were half as interesting as yours, but oh well! :)-Sugar