Wednesday 19 September 2007


There is a common interest group over on Facebook that I just joined for "anyone and everyone who lived, grew up or is living in Colorado. Here are the 13 criteria for joining:

1. You know and take pride in knowing where the spaceship/mushroom/oval house is off I-70 that was in the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper" and "Charlie's Angles".

2. When someone says T-Rex, you think of the massive backup on the interstate and not the dinosaur.

3. The fast lane is for cruising and the slow lane is for passing.

4. You have permanent grooves in your knees from The Chipmunk at Lakeside.

5. "I'm going to Red Rocks" is heard at your house every summer.

6. You never pack away your coat and sweaters.

7. You laugh at people who think you live in such a cold state...Colorado gets over 305 days of sun a year (more than Florida)!

8. You have surge protectors on every outlet.

9. You think that 6 inches is an acceptable following distance on I-25.

10. You can outlast winter in any other state but humidity in the summer is out of the question.

11. Thunder has set off your car alarm.

12. You lose all sense of direction when you lose sight of the mountains.

13. You've snowboarded in a t-shirt and shoveled snow in shorts.

14. You have gone from heat to A/C in your car in a day.

15. Wear Sunglasses when your windshield wipers are going.

16. You know where Shane Co. is, just off Arapahoe Road and Peoria Street.

17. You have had people from other states ask if Southpark is real.

18. Everyone thinks your crazy for being on top a 14er and riding your bike 20+ miles.

19. You know all the "real" seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, summer and construction.

20. You can never figure out why your out of town guests faint from altitude sickness on a picnic to the mountains.

21. The bike on your car is worth more than your car.

22. You're able to drive 65 miles per hour through 3 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without even flinching.

23. You carry jumper cables in the car and your girlfriend knows how to use them.

24. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.

25. You can drive over a 12,000-foot pass in 4 feet of snow, but can't get to work if there are 4 inches of snow.

26. Your golf bag has a 9-iron, a 3-wood and a lightning rod.

27. A bear on your front porch doesn't bother you nearly as much as a someone in Congress does.

28. You know you're from from Colorado when you know the meaning "Too cold to snow."

29. You know you're from Eastern Colorado when someone has gotten out of their car looking really confused and asked you, "So where are all the mountains?

30. You know that you lived in Colorado just because your just awesome.

Yep, I'm a member!


Janell said...

My only claim is #14 - did that just today!

cdroses said...

#6- Tell that to the (idiot) cop for pulling me over for following too close! I still swear he was just a disgruntled CU fan and saw the plates from "Hukserville" NE! :)


cdroses said...

(darn typos) that's HUSKERVILLE