Friday 28 September 2007


I don't normally like surprises. My husband loves surprises and loves surprising me but I hate them. Normally.

Yesterday evening just before we went up to bed my husband suddenly announces that a box had arrived for me during the day. Just like him to forget something so amazing!!!!!! And surprising!

He went and got the box which he had put down in the garage. I got VERY excited when I realised it was a box from Janell (a member of my extended family). She blogs over on One Square Mile.

I knew this box held my Family Cookbook. But the box was huge. My sister had told me the cookbook was huge but surely it hadn't grown to be this BIG.

I opened the box to find not only my treasured cookbook but also some amazing goodies sent with love from the shores across the Atlantic. I looooove Cap'n Crunch. My husband loooooves Apple Jacks. My children loooooove Mac n Cheese. We all love Stove Top stuffing! And the green chiles are going to make an excellent green chile this weekend!

Thanks and Big Hugs to Janell for being soooooo thoughtful.

Oh and well done on the cookbook! Just like my nanny, Joyce, I love reading cookbooks. I read them like others read novels. This one kept me up well into the late hours of last night. I can't believe how much it has grown! I was mildly embarrassed (and flattered) that Janell had published some of my blog posts under the Family History chapter. And I can hardly wait to try some of the recipes.


Janell said...

I'm glad to hear the package arrived safely. Enjoy!
PS - Peggy (Hull) called and let me know there was a page missing from the book - I'll be sending that asap.

stephanie said...

You ROCK! The cookbook is wonderful. Thank you for the hard work on this one. slw