Thursday 27 September 2007

What do you Dream?

I wrote a post about unfulfilled dreams and felt that it was a bit unfair because I didn't get a chance to talk about all the dreams I still have. Indulge me!

My biggest dream is that my children grow up and believe I am the greatest mom. Ever. I hope we maintain a close, healthy relationship as adults. I don't kid myself into thinking we will make it through the teenage years unscathed. Two Words: Boarding School!

I dream of retiring financially secure with a solid plan for the future. This includes paying off our mortgage on both homes we own and being completely debt free. Every financial decision we make is geared towards that goal. We invest in our children's education so they will support us when we are old (just kidding!).

I dream of being married to my husband for many years to come.

I dream of spending countless hours sitting on the porch of a beach house reading, knitting or quilting watching my grandchild(ren) run around on the beach whilst my grown children wait on me hand and foot.

I dream of long sailing holidays in warm sunny tropical locations.

I dream of a world where children are not afraid, ill or illiterate.

I dream the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series.

I dream of being skinny again.

What do you dream?


Janell said...

I dream of a long horseback vacation in Australia.
And I'm with you on the Cubs!

Sue said...

My dream is to be healthy enough to enjoy retirement and do some traveling. Janell's blog put Springfield, Il on the list of places to visit. Also they had a segment on TV one night about "The Grotto of Redemption" which is near West Bend, Ia. There are a lot of places in the USA, both near and far, that I would like to see.
My dream is also that the world will be a safe place for my grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

my dream is to have enough time in my day to be able to write a blog as insightful, cheerful, uplifting, intriguing, forward-thinking, moving, romantic, joyful, extraordinary and just plain interesting as this if not twice daily then at least once.
unfortunately i'm too busy.

LaDawn said...

Anonymous - I don't know who you are but I am glad you are in this world and I am very happy that you took the time in your busy schedule to let me know what you think. You brought a smile this exhausted over worked, underpaid, under appreciated, wife, mother, blogger! Thank you!