Friday 21 September 2007


Think back to that post about Sebastian learning to play the piano. Did you feel my fear and apprehension?

Today we walked next door to the neighbour's to practice Sebastian's piano. He's had 2 lessons to be honest I wasn't expecting much.

He sat down. he opened his music book. he placed the music on the piano. And he read the music and played the songs. He showed me where middle C was on the piano. And he showed me what it looked like on the music. Then he showed me D. He played his assigned homework and then wanted to carry on. So we did. He showed me B. And he didn't want to stop. So I let him continue as long as he wanted.

When we got home after practising at the neighbours, Sebastian said to me "I'm playing notes in my head. All I can think about are notes notes notes!"

And all I can feel is joy joy joy!

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Anonymous said...

Now it's time to practice with him mummy Love you Mom I know you can do it..