Saturday 6 October 2007


I don't believe in curses....except when it comes to baseball. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows about the legendary Curse of the Bambino that plagued the Boston Red Sox until they won the World Series in 2005. Baseball is a sport filled with odd superstitions. The players are superstitious, the managers are superstitious, and the fans are superstitious.

As I watch the Chicago Cubs fall apart yet again this postseason, I am reminded of the Curse of the Billy Goat. What do we gotta do to break that spell?

In the meantime....Go Sox Go! Go Rockies Go! Both teams are 2 games up in a 5 game series!


Anonymous said...

Well if it were up to me, I know exactly what I would do to break a curse. Instead, I suggest that to invite a group of friends to watch the game at your house and let everyone bring a snack or have a potluck dinner. For dessert something yummy like brownies! :)


LaDawn said...

That doesn't exactly work over here where very few people understand or even care about the game. And the games are held between midnight and 6 am (GMT). I don't think my friends would come to a party held at that time! I could have a party by myself and eat all the brownies. Great diea!

Anonymous said...

Poor Sox's their season is over...Boo Hoo as for the Colorado Rockies YEAH ! on to the World Series We all hope.. GO ROCKIES !!!!!! MOM in Colorado

Anonymous said...

Sorry I disappeared, I was actually in Chi. I am bumbed the Cubbies are out. A tribe / Cubs Series would have been nice.

DON'T FORGET THE TRIBE, THEY ARE UP 2-1 (Lost tonight to Yanks). I think they will pull it out tomorrow! If the yanks win one game per year, its one too many in my book.

ON a different note, I do like that they still sing "God Bless America" at the seventh inning stretch. Gives me chills everytime, I am surprised the "All inclusive, Multi-cultural, PC police and ACLU hasn't complained yet.

By the way LA, have you ever eaten at the billy goat tavern its a bar in Chi-town.

Go tribe.

Janell said...

Poor Cubbies.
On another topic, here is another Carson family blog. Tim is the son of Randy's oldest sister, Ann. Tim and Ashley live in Alaska now and he is getting ready for his second depoyment to Iraq. Ashley doesn't update very often, but has some nice pictures up.

LaDawn said...

Mom - Not sure where you are getting your information but the Sox are alive and well. They won their series! Shame about the Cubs. Typical they would lose to the D'Backs. Go Rockies! I will be major bummed if the Rockies go to the World Series and I'm not there to watch it!

Joe - I have never eaten at the Tavern but it is on my list of things to do next time I miss a flight through Chi, which happens more often than it should.

Janell - Will add Tim & Ashley's blog to the Family Links on the left of my blog!

Anonymous said...

Tell Tim Good Luck and be careful! Not that he needs it, but my wife and I adopt soldiers. We usually sign up online, If he, or his family, needs anything, and I mean anything.. let me know...We will help take care of him.

Our last soldier asked for a new pair of boots, in addition to other goodies and we sent him everything he needed.