Sunday 28 October 2007


This morning (last night if you are in the USA) my heart broke into about a million little pieces as I watched the Colorado Rockies drop Game 3 of the World Series to the Boston Red Sox.

I wept as Carrie Underwood sang the National Anthem, something I don't get to do very often given I live in a foreign country and opportunities don't present themselves very often (or at all). I was so proud to be from Colorado at that moment: a beautiful state, a beautiful baseball stadium, and a great baseball team when performing in front of the home crowd.

And then not far into the first inning it all began to come unravelled. Before long the Rockies were down 6-0 and the deflated look on the fans was depressing. Josh Fogg looked like he didn't bother to even warm up. He was out of the game within 3 innings.

The UK commentators were making quite a big deal over the fact that one of the fans interviewed had said that the Rockies were just happy to be there. Johnny Gould (UK Channel 5 commentator) replied something along the lines that being there ain't the same as winning.

The Denver Broncos first appeared in the Championship Football Game in 1978 at Super Bowl XII. they would go on to lose 5 Super Bowls before ultimately claiming victory in Super Bowl XXXII in 1998. It took them 20 years to do more than just be happy to make it to the game.

Ya gotta settle into these things. It takes time and it takes experience.

I seem to recall that the Boston Red Sox have been to many more World Series than they've won!

The Rockies gave a rally in the bottom of the 6th and 7th inning to come within 1 run of tying the game but it wasn't meant to be and the Rockies fans had to return home and decide how to brave that cold weather and the Boston Red Sox tonight.

I cried as I saw the look of disappointment on the players faces.

I thought I would struggle to decide who to support in this game. I have enjoyed watching the Boston Red Sox play extraordinary baseball. But ultimately, I'm a Colorado girl. And this Colorado girl is praying for a baseball miracle.


Janell said...

I guess your request for a miracle was denied - for this year anyway.

Anonymous said...

oh I lived in Golden! That is where I graduated from high school!