Thursday 24 January 2008


Not to be confused with Fargo, North Dakota, Farco is a dice game. My family has been known to play Farco for 6 straight hours without stopping. Well, there are pauses for food and toilet. but you better do it when it is not your turn. Heaven help you if you are caught holding up the game.
The was a game that we played endlessly at the table of my nanny's house. I miss playing it! So I want to spread the word. Let's get everyone playing Farco. Well, at least everyone reading my blog.

What you need:
  • 6 dice
  • paper & pen
  • more than 1 person (you can not play this alone)

How you play:

Played with 6 dice. Player rolls until they don't have a valid score from above, or they decide to stop. To continue rolling, one must have one or more of the above scoring options. 500 points is required to get on the board. Once a player reaches 10,000 pts, each player get one last turn to accumulate as many points as possible.

How you score:

1= 100 pts
5= 50 pts
3 – 1‘s= 300 pts
3 – 2‘s= 200 pts
3 – 3‘s= 300 pts
3 – 4‘s= 400 pts
3 – 5‘s= 500 pts
3 – 6‘s= 600 pts
4 of a kind= 1000 pts
5 of a kind= 1500 pts
6 of a kind= 2000 pts
Straight 1-6= 1500 pts
3 sets of doubles= 1000 pts
2 sets of triples= 2500 pts


Brooke said...

I remember this game. I never knew what the name was I just called it the dice game.

Anonymous said...

I just got home from a friends house and we had soooo much fun playing. There were 9 of us playing!! I'm sooo glad i found this points schedule. Thanks!!

LaDawn said...

Deb - Happy to help!

Janell said...

Sounds good to me. I'll stock up on dice for the July gathering.