Tuesday 15 May 2007

5 Daily Blessings

5. My journey to work took less than 5 minutes

4. I am going to Rome tomorrow. Alone. No helping the children with homework. No making dinner. No dishes. No laundry. No tidying. No commute to work. The downside is no kisses and cuddles. Am trying not to focus on that part!

3. Today was payday!

2. I didn't want to scream and shout at anyone at work today.

1. The rain has stopped (for now) and the sun is shining. This won't last for long so I better publish this now!


Brooke said...

Payday alright now you can spend it all in Rome tomorrow.

Janell said...

A good day followed by a day in Rome. What a great way to spend a Wednesday. Have a safe trip!