Saturday 12 May 2007

5 Favourite Home Cooked Meals

5. Lasagna (MCP recipe) - Lasagna in the UK is VERY different from lasagna in the USA. No ricotta going on over here. At first this bothered me. Now I actually prefer the UK way of doing it. It's closer to the lasagna I've had in Italy. I love a great big, huge glass of red wine (the cheaper the better), a big green salad with lemon/olive oil dressing and some garlic bread. And Wicked Uncle Mike's Tiramisu. Mmmmmm!

4. Two Alarm Chili (LCP recipe) - Served with grated extra mature (sharp cheddar cheese) and sour cream and a side of warm flour tortillas spread with a wee bit of butter. Washed down with ice cold Budweiser on a freezing Winter Sunday afternoon in the middle of a blizzard, preferably whilst watching an American football game. Go Broncos! Then bring on the Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia! Just give me a the container. Get your own!

3. Filet Mignon (or Prime Rib) - Cooked rare (and I mean rare, show it the heat and then put it on my plate). If you've stopped to ask me how I want my steak cooked, you've cooked it too long. Served with corn, baked potato (with butter, sour cream and chives) and horseradish and a great big Caesar salad (complete with fresh anchovies). Marc's homemade creme brulee sounds like the perfect ending to this meal!

2. Fried chicken - Made the way Nanny did it. Served with mashed potatoes, white gravy, green beans (with onion & bacon) and vinegared cucumber & onion salad. Root Beer to drink with Rhubarb pie for dessert (with homemade ice cream on top).

1. Steamed Lobster - Served with lemon butter, green salad and a huge baked potato (same fixings as above). This is best eaten in the summertime, on a beach sitting at a picnic table in the early evening of a warm still day with a huge group of friends. All washed down with either ice cold Corona beer or a chilled White Burgundy. No room for dessert!

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Janell said...

I have just one thing to say about this - YUM!