Saturday 26 May 2007

Making Friends

On Friday night, we went out for dinner at our local pizzeria. Sebastian had made quite a good friend with our usual waiter. he was gutted when we arrived to find out that the waiter no longer worked there. He got really sad.

The manager of the restaurant called over one of the other waiters who desperately tried to cheer Seb up by asking him about football. Seb has absolutely no interest in football so this simply didn't work. The waiter introduced himself as Nick and then he asked Seb if he wanted to make a special pizza.

Seb was no longer grumpy. He went back into the kitchen with Nick and got some pizza dough which he brought to the table. Nick brought over a bowl full of veg and showed Seb how to make the pizza dough flat.

And together they made a face. Out of pizza dough and veg. And our children had a blast! And Seb made a new friend. What a fab way to start a long weekend. Thanks for the kindness of the people at Punto's in Old Windsor!

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Janell said...

Nick is a treasure! He certainly earned his tip that night!